11 November 2016

My First Audiobook Experience: A Return to An Old Favourite!

I have lost count of the number of times I've read Harry Potter. The series was my very first book love when my Primary Four teacher lent me her set. Back then only the first 4 had been published. And since then I've not looked back. I've hoarded ALL BOOKS!
I decided that this year would be the year that I would reread the whole series again (for the hundredth time). This excited me sooo much more than it should! But I also had the dilemma of not wanting to spend so much reading time on old favourites when I could be discovering new favourites! Then I remembered a close friend had gifted me the first 6 Harry Potter audiobooks a few years back. So began my journey of discovery into the world of audiobooks... AND I LOVED IT!

I could "read" whilst driving and this still seems so surreal to me! I could also read whilst walking around town and doing housework! This just amazes me! Even though I was concentrating on not dying whilst driving or walking around town, I was still processing the story.

Stephen Fry is a brilliant narrator! He does the voices! And they were hilarious! His "Seamus" and "Dobby" had me in bloody tears! However, I did find Tonks "accent" annoying and not what I expected at all! How I didn't crash my car I will never know. Other drivers (and pedestrians) must have thought I was a lunatic. I actually don't think the publisher could have chosen a better narrator (apart from Queen Rowling herself). He just completely drew me in and it was almost like I was reading the series for the first time all over again.  

I don't feel I can really give a proper review of the series. I've read it so many times already and it's hard to find anyone who hasn't read them. We all know the story. But if you ever feel the need to reread Harry Potter, you should definitely give the audiobooks a go. I promise you won't regret it. I will forever be grateful to my friend for giving me them. I don't know if I could ever completely switch to audiobooks, but I do enjoy the novelty of them. I mean it took me from January until the end of October to complete the whole Harry Potter series (mainly because I had to be in the mood to listen).

I'm now finished my reread of the Harry Potter series and have moved onto a new audiobook. I'm now "reading" Anna Karenina and it's certainly a lot different to Harry Potter. But I thought audiobooks are a great way to read the very long books.

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  1. I am a huge audiobook fan ((which is why I review them exclusively). I pretty much listen when doing everything. I haven't listened to the Stephen Fry versions of Harry Potter, but very much enjoy the Jim Dale versions.

    Good Audiobooks Make Everything Better

    1. I don't think I will ever convert fully to audiobooks, but they are definitely a great way to increase the number of books I've read I think. It will definitely help me tackle my TBR!


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