27 February 2017

Book Review: Quidditch Through the Ages, J.K. Rowling

Quidditch Through the Ages (Hogwarts Library)

Title: Quidditch Through the Ages
Author: J.K. Rowling
Published: 2009, Bloomsbury Publishing Plc
Pages: 105
Source: Bought
Format: Paperback

Rating: 5/5

"If you have ever asked yourself where the Golden Snitch came from, how the Bludgers came into existence or why the Wigtown Wanderers have pictures of meat cleavers on their robes, you need Quidditch Through the Ages. This edition is a copy of the volume in Hogwarts School Library, where it is consulted by young Quidditch fans on an almost daily basis."

Quidditch Through the Ages is such a fantastic addition to J.K. Rowling's Wizarding World. Like anything Potter-related, I just devour this book every time I read it.

The way Quidditch Through the Ages is written actually makes Quidditch feel like a real sport in a way. I loved all the history of brooms and Quidditch. J.K. Rowling just puts so much thought into everything she writes! I also loved the references to Arbroath and Montrose as these towns are about half-an-hour away from where I live. I'd definitely be a supporter of the Montrose Magpies!

Quidditch Through the Ages is told exactly how a wizarding textbook should be. With just the right mix of humour and "fact". I wish my own textbooks were more like this when I was studying. I also loved the library-touch this book had with references to Madam Pince and her precious books. It suited the Potter characters to a tee.

This is honestly such a quick read and has no problems keeping a reader engaged. My only wish is that it could have been longer. I'd just love to learn more about the different teams and the hundreds of different Quidditch fouls.

Quidditch Through the Ages is just a fantastic read and a definite must for all Potter fans. Plus, this book is for charity, so buying a copy is a great thing.

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