23 March 2017

Book Review: Where Rainbows End, Cecelia Ahern

Where Rainbows End

Title: Where Rainbows End
Author: Cecelia Ahern
Published: 2012, HarperCollins
Pages: 558
Source: Bought
Format: Paperback

Rating: 4/5

"Since childhood, Rosie and Alex have stuck by each other through thick and thin. But they're suddenly separated when Alex and his family move from Dublin to America.

Their magical connection remains but can their friendship survive the years and miles?

Misunderstandings, circumstances and sheer bad luck have kept them apart – until now. But will they gamble everything – including their friendship – on true love? And what twists and surprises does fate have in store for them this time ... ?"

Where Rainbows End (also known as Love, Rosie) is a wonderful story chock-full of so many emotions. I laughed, I (almost) cried, I was even angry at times. It was just so unique. Cecelia Ahern just knows how to hook you into her books.

Where Rainbows End is told solely via a series of letters, emails, texts and newspaper articles. This is what I found most unique and interesting about the story. It just really helped me feel so close to all the characters. I felt like I was living their story. It just felt so real to me. Where Rainbows End starts when the main characters, Rosie and Alex, are five years old and goes through all the ups and downs of their lives, and friendship, right up to the age of fifty.

I really liked both Rosie and Alex and I couldn't help but root for them. It was definitely frustrating when things didn't go to plan, but for them to keep up a friendship for over forty years is brilliant. They just know the ins and outs of each other and their only problem is being able to communicate effectively. But it's always going to be difficult to have a heartfelt conversation across two countries.

I also loved Rosie's other best friend, Ruby. She's just so out-there and crazy. It's fantastic. But she's not afraid to tell Rosie what she really thinks and pushes her in the right direction.

I also loved how family-orientated Where Rainbows End is. Both Rosie's family and Alex's family appear to be pretty close-knit with great relationships. Apart from Kevin, Rosie's brother. They're just so supportive of each other and they don't let distance get between them.

I did find Where Rainbows End a bit predictable in places. I just knew what a lot of the twists keeping Rosie and Alex apart would be. It was definitely easy to spot the clues. However, this didn't stop my enjoyment of the story and I was desperate to see how they would get around the obstacles thrown their way.

The story was also slow at times, but in general, over forty years are covered at a pretty good speed. It didn't feel rushed and didn't drag on too much either. And the various time jumps were easy to spot and understand - perhaps because of the way the story is told via correspondence. The twists were also resolved nicely too and I thought the ending was lovely. It couldn't have been more perfect, in my opinion.

Where Rainbows End is a lovely, heartfelt story of love and friendship. I couldn't put the book down! I would definitely recommend it to fans of contemporary romance, as well as fans of Cecelia Ahern. It's such a memorable read. I already can't wait to watch the film and fingers crossed it lives up to this book!

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