Review Policy

Currently NOT ACCEPTING review requests for the foreseeable future.

What genres do I accept?
  • I mostly read Romance, YA, Fantasy and Contemporary. However, I am beginning to veer away from YA slightly and I think I'm moving more towards New Adult.
  • However, I will occasionally give other genre's a shot if a book looks like it will take my fancy. 

What format's do I accept?
  • Hard/paperback copies (preferred way to read)
  • eBooks (Kindle)
  • ARCS & Finished copies

How to contact me?
  • Do NOT contact me via Facebook, Twitter or Goodreads etc. with a review request. Not only am I really bad a checking these and often forget to reply, but it is a hell of a lot easier to keep track of email. 
  • I will also NOT respond to mass emails

What to provide in your request?
  • Name of book
  • Summary
  • Picture of cover
  • Goodreads and Amazon links
  • Timeframe for review (if applicable and please keep it reasonable)
  • Tell me why you think I will enjoy it

I will always give my honest opinion and will use the same rating system as Goodreads:
  • 5/5 - It was amazing
  • 4/5 - Really liked it
  • 3/5 - Liked it
  • 2/5 - It was okay
  • 1/5 - Did not like it
I will occasionally have 0.5's in there too if it is too hard to distinguish what rating I think it deserves.

Where do I post my review?
  • As well as here on the blog, I will post reviews on the following places:
    • Goodreads
    • Twitter
    • Pinterest
    • Amazon UK
    • Amazon US

I am not paid for any of the reviews I write and all reviews are my own honest opinion.

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