26 February 2015

Dirty Dancing - The Classic Story on Stage

Okay so this obviously isn't a book review...

But, I went to see the stage version of Dirty Dancing last night at the Edinburgh Playhouse and Oh My God! It was amazing! If you haven't seen it and get the opportunity to, take it!

The stage version is identical to the movie, with the same script and everything. The set was so simple yet very clever. The log scene and the lake scene were both genius.

Rosanna Frascona (Baby Houseman) is the spitting image of Jennifer Gray and even sounded like her. It was almost unreal. Gareth Bailey is brilliant as Johnny Castle and boy can he move his hips! The singers were excellent and the dancers were breathtaking.

The audience really got involved in the performance with wolf-whistling when Johnny took his top of and cheering throughout the auditorium both when Johnny said the line "Nobody puts baby in the corner" and when Johnny and Baby recreated that famous lift.

At the risk of sounding totally cheesy... "I had the time of my life!" and urge everyone to go and see Dirty Dancing on stage.

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