27 February 2015

Book Review: Underworld (Abandon #2), Meg Cabot

Underworld (Abandon, #2)

Title: Underworld
Series: Abandon #2
Author: Meg Cabot
Published: 2012, MacMillan Children's Books
Pages: 308
Source: Bought
Format: Paperback

Rating: 3/5
"Pierce isn't dead. Not yet. But John Hayden, lord of the Underworld, has taken her to the place where the spirits of the deceased gather. He says it's for her own safety, to protect her from the vengeful Furies. But could he have other reasons for keeping her close? Pierce might be safe in the Underworld, but she soon learns that he people she loves back on earth are not. Can she convince John to release her in order to save her family - or will the price he asks her be too high?"

I liked Underworld more than the previous book, Abandon. Underworld has a much faster pace than Abandon and more happens in this book even though the events only occur over a period of around 24 hours. The fast pace of this book ensured that I kept turning the pages as I needed to find out what would happen. This also led me to finish Underworld in a day.

I also now have a favourite character in the series, Henry. I find him just adorable, especially his excitement over trying candy floss for the first time. Along with Henry, we are also introduced to John's "crew" as they appear to think of themselves - Frank, Mr Lui and Mr Graves. They complete a bit more of the puzzle that is John Hayden and led to many questions being answered that had been left out in Abandon. What happened to John? Why is he in the Underworld?

I still however find Pierce slightly annoying. And what's worse is that she has known John 2 days and is so "in love" with him that she can't picture his life without him... I mean COME ON!!! That's worse than Bella Swan! However, to be fair she wasn't constantly repeating phrases unlike she was in Abandon and that fine with me. John also has that quite annoying overly-protective streak that so many male love interests have in fiction today. But to be fair he is from the 1800's and there is the issue with the Furies so he does have his reasons I suppose.

I also noticed a few typos and repeated words in sentences, i.e. "There was no web to surf in the Underworld, and John had already said he'd get me whatever books I needed and it wasn't like there was a web to surf in the Underworld" and also "There's no safe place safe...". I'm not sure if these were intentionally used to convey Pierce's thoughts or if they were overlooked during editing but I sat at looked at them for ages trying to work it out. It may have just been a blonde moment on my part.

The ending was also really abrupt. One minute I'm reading quite the thing... then "Oh! That's it!" It leaves you wanting to know what will happen next and therefore I now have the third book, Awaken, on its way to me.

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