21 February 2017

Two Year Blogoversary

So, it's my two year blogoversay today!! I cannot believe I have stuck with this blog for two whole years! Sure, I've not always been as active as I would have liked (I'm looking at you Summer of 2016!), but I've kept at it.


I can't thank you all enough for all the support, views, comments etc and making me feel do welcome. I've learnt so much over my two years blogging and I can't wait to learn more. Thanks to you guys I've met so many fantastic people and discovered so many new favourite authors along the way. Of course, I still feel like baby blog compared to many others, but the more I learn the more I love the blogging community.

And as I go into a brand new year of blogging, I definitely plan to become far more active in the blogging community ad get to know you all far better than I currently do. I also definitely need to update my blog and work on a new layout/design as soon as possible because, to be fair, it is a bit too plain for me. I feel it needs more excitement!

So as a thank you, I'm holding a little giveaway. I'm giving you the opportunity to win ANY BOOK you wish up to the value of £10 from the Book Depository. This giveaway is INTERNATIONAL (as long as the Book depository ships to your country) and will run until midnight next Tuesday (28 February).


  1. Happy blogversary!! Congrats on 2 years!

  2. Happy Blogiversary. I am still shocked at your chocolate allergy. I am not sure whether to be sorry for you or to be jealous - all my diets are broken by chocolate temptation 😂

    1. Thank you! Yeah, lots of people are shocked by my chocolate allergy. It definitely stops me dipping in to the chocolate cupboard, but I just find other ways to be unhealthy now.


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