19 December 2015

2016 Reading Challenges

As 2016 will be the first time I start the New year with a blog, I've decided to participate in a few challenges.

Because Reading is better than reali life

The first Challenge I will be participating in is the 2016 Bookish Resolutions Challenge, hosted by Laura @ trips down imagination lane and Michelle @ Because Reading. The challenge runs from 1st January 2016 to 31st December 2016 and you can sign up here before 1st March 2016.

My 2016 resolutions are:

Bookish resolutions
  • Get Netgalley ratio up to 80%
  • Read 20 physical books I already owned prior to 1st January
  • Reread 5 books
  • Finish 6 series
  • Reach my Goodreads goal this year (65 books)
Blogging resolutions
  • Finish updating all blog posts to current layout
  • Visit 4 blogs a week (not including memes)
  • Blog ahead - get to at least 6 weeks ahead
Personal resolutions
  • Start going to the gym again
  • Start learning Spanish again


The second challenge I will be participating in is the 2016 New Release Challenge hosted by Lexxie @ (Un)conventional Bookreviews and Stormi @ Books, Movies, Reviews! Oh My!. The aim of the challenge is to read as many books released in 2016 as possible. Sign up is open until 15th February 2016.

As this is my first year participating in this challenge and I'm wanting to read more books that I already own, I'm going to set my goal as New Release Pro so 16-30 books.

Because Reading is better than real life

The third challenge I want to participate in is the 2016 Reading Assignment Challenge hosted by Berls @ Fantasy is More Fun and Michelle @ Because Reading. Sign up is open until 1st July 2016. I'm hoping this will help me reduce the number of physical books I have still to read.

As this is also my first year participating in this challenge (and I don't know how well I'll do reading from a set list), I'm aiming for level 1 so 12 books and 1 book a month. These are the books I plan to read over the year:

FangirlThe Other MeCity of Bones (The Mortal Instruments, #1)The Rose Petal BeachThe Fault in Our StarsA Study in Scarlet (Sherlock Holmes, #1)It's All About TreoBuster: The dog who saved a thousand livesThe Cuckoo's Calling (Cormoran Strike, #1)Our ZooThe DUFFA Court of Thorns and Roses (A Court of Thorns and Roses, #1)

The fourth, and final, challenge is the 2016 TBR Pile Reading Challenge hosted by Evie @ Bookish Lifestyle. The aim is to read as many books (published in or berfore 2015) from your TBR as possible. Sign up is open until 31 November 2016.

I'm going to set my goal at A Friendly Hug so 11 to 20 books.


  1. Nice goals for the challenges, Lauren! Good luck!
    Lexxie @ (un)Conventional Bookviews

    1. Thank you! I can't wait to get started properly!

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  3. Can you use a book for multiple challenges? Not sure how else anyone would be able to do more than one challenge at a time. I ask because I'm looking at getting into some challenges this next year, not to discourage you.

    1. Often you can, unless there's a rule that stipulates you can't.
      - Krys

    2. Yes, as far as I'm aware you can on most challenges.

  4. nice choices. good luck!

  5. I wish you luck, I am signed up for 16 Challenges, and am going to sign up for 4 more!! Happy New Year!!

    1. Wow! I don't think I could handle that many, I'll just need to see how I do with these ones.

  6. Good luck! I'm also signed up with Bookish Lifestyle's TBR challenge. I hadn't done one since 2014, so I'm looking forward to participating. This year I'll be posting bookcover images on my Instagram :)
    - Krys

    1. Good luck to you too! This is my first year doing any proper Challenges and I'm definitely looking forward to it.

  7. Good luck with all your new reading goals and challenges for 2016.


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