13 August 2015

ARC Review: Mile High, Rebecca Chance

Mile High

Title: Mile High
Author: Rebecca Chance
Published: 13/08/2015, Pan
Pages: 496
Source: Netgalley & Pan
Format: Ebook

Rating: 1/5
"First class is about to get dangerous... Pure Air's new LuxeLiner is flying from London to LA - its inaugural journey - with a first class cabin packed with A List celebrities. As the feuding crew compete to impress their famous passengers, the handsome pilot tries to win the attention of a pretty young stewardess. 
But one VIP singer is battling something seriously sinister: watching her every step is a very determined stalker, someone who will go to any lengths to get the star to satisfy their desires. At thirty thousand feet there is nowhere to run, and nowhere to hide..."

I honestly do not understand how I managed to finish Mile High. I was so, so close to DNF'ing countless times and it's a lot longer than it really needs to be. The main reason I carried on was curiosity if nothing else.

I feel Mile High's setting is plausible. Of course, an airline would love to have high-profile guests in its maiden journey. It would allow for the maximum media coverage. And a lot of celebrities would be one board during awards season. However, I felt much of the plot was far-fetched and there was too much happening on one eleven-hour flight.

Mile High is told via a multitude of perspectives - both in the present and through flashbacks. Catalina's flashbacks gave a some insight into her stalker threat, but I didn't really understand the need for the flashbacks from other minor characters. I don't feel they added much (if anything) to the overall story at all.

The reader is definitely kept guessing up until the very end. I had no idea who the stalker was and the way in which the story was told meant that it really could have been anyone aboard the flight. This is really the only reason I kept reading - I wanted to know who the stalker was.

The characters weren't very likeable either. I've never come across so many childish, bitchy "adults" in one book before. They were worse than teenagers. Some characters were just down right nasty. Honestly, these people should not be left in charge of a goldfish never mind the welfare of 300 passengers. They were also all so alike that I ended up getting confused as to who was who.

The one character I did have a slight soft spot for was Catalina. She really doesn't have a mean bone in her body, sees the good in everyone and is such a caring person. Also, unlike a lot of celebrities, she isn't full of herself. However, she is like a small child and is so gullible and innocent. She really doesn't seem to have much in the way of street smarts for being a superstar celebrity.

I found what I really thought would be a very thrilling read very boring and I didn't care for the characters at all. I am really quite happy to be saying goodbye to Mile High and I don't think it will be a book I will be recommending. However, from what I've heard Rebecca Chance's other books are better so I may try reading her work again.

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