02 April 2015

Book Review: The Seer, R.R. Sechi

The Seer

Title: The Seer
Author: R.R. Sechi
Published: 2014, CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Pages: 126
Source: Goodreads First Reads
Format: Paperback

Rating: 1/5
"Stacey Daley unexpectedly meets a handsome but mysterious stranger, who seems to possess an incredible psychic ability to predict the future.  However, before she realises it, he has gone.  Instinctively, she feels an urge to find him, so that she can discover more about his seemingly magical powers.  Little does she know, but others are after him as well..."

I didn't like The Seer.  It was far too confusing to me and I couldn't really understand the conclusions made by Rick.  I kept reading purely in the hope that it would all come together in the end.  Long story short - it didn't.

I didn't care about any of the characters.  Rick is a bit of big jerk and a complete psycho.  He went around killing completely innocent bystanders.  Although, to be fair he did save a few lives too.  He is also of the belief that literally everything is one big conspiracy theory.

Stacey just plain annoyed me.  After seeing reports of Rick being a serial killer, she still invites him into her home.  And this is only after meeting him twice before.  Nobody in their right mind would do that.  Then she witnesses Rick attack and/or kill various people including innocent bystanders and barely bats an eye.

We also come across Julie when Rick saves her from being beat by her husband.  On one page Julie doesn't speak English (Rick has to translate) yet on the next she is having a conversation with Stacey, who doesn't speak any French!

To me the ending also quite lame.  I didn't feel like any of the plot/theories were wrapped up.  I felt like something should have happened regarding Rick's theories as they traveled through 3 countries to find answers.  Nothing was answered at all.

Overall, The Seer just wasn't for me (although I'm glad I, at least, finished it).  I don't think I will be reading any more of R.R. Sechi's books.

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