07 January 2016

Book Review: Diverging Cadence (Cadence #2), Katie Hamstead

Diverging Cadence

Title: Diverging Cadence
Series: Cadence #2
Author: Katie Hamstead
Published: 25/08/2015, REUTS Publications LLC
Pages: 282
Source: Netgalley
Format: Ebook

Rating: 5/5

"When Cadence Anderson woke to find her husband and infant daughter had been killed, she thought her life was over. Instead, she was offered a second chance and sent back in time to do it all again. 

She’s made the most of this opportunity, repairing her relationship with the best friend she lost the first time, avoiding the romantic mistakes she made originally, and even bringing her family closer together. But she’s also done something she wasn’t planning on—she’s fallen in love with someone other than her future husband. 

Stepping onto a plane and flying across country to attend university is the hardest decision she’s had to make. But unless she follows through with it, her future with Austin might never happen. And what becomes of her beautiful baby if she stays with James, the man she was never supposed to love? 

The only thing she knows for certain is that she has to see Austin again, and she’s intent on reliving that part of her previous life exactly like she did the first time. Even if that means she has to lie to James to do it. Because, deep down, she can’t quite bring herself to let him go. 

Now, past and future are about to collide, and Cadence has to make her final choice—follow the uncertain path of a life with James, or the one she came back to save . . . with Austin. 

In this emotional conclusion to the story that began in Deceptive Cadence, relationships will be tested, identities revealed, and the past will overshadow the future, putting the finishing touches on an unforgettable tale of courage, sacrifice, and, above all, love."

Oh my God! This book was just... I have never felt so emotionally invested in a book in months. I bawled my eyes out and it wasn't pretty. But it was awesome!

Diverging Cadence is a brilliant continuation of Cadence's story and begins exactly where Deceptive Cadence finished. Cadence is starting college and can't wait to re-meet Austin. Once again the story is told via Cadence's perspective. The reader is right in the heart of her confusion and it is really frustrating and an emotional rollercoaster. The story wasn't too predictable and there were so many ugly tears shed.

I still really liked all the characters. Although I did want to strangle Cadence, punch Austin and hug James all at once. So many emotions were felt. The actions and reactions of the characters, especially Austin and James, were spot on.

I can't really pretend to understand how Cadence is truly feeling. I've never been in love with two people at once. But I can only imagine how frustrating it must be for both Cadence and the boys. It was frustrating enough for me (you probably guessed by my comment about strangling her). It's like she is holding on to her past future (that's so odd to type) too much when Angel is clearly pushing her towards the least heartbreaking outcome. This may sound harsh but I'd have thought that after four years Cadence would have wanted to move on from Austin. Why would anyone want to put themselves through the same inevitable heartbreak again?

James was once again brilliant, utter perfection. His character development from the beginning of Cadence's story is just amazing. He is completely different yet still the exact same James. He matures a lot through Diverging Cadence - he graduates college and successfully starts his dream job. He also develops a fantastic and close relationship with Cadence's dad, something that seemed impossible in Deceptive Cadence. I also loved his relationship with Dusty - it's like they are brothers. It shows that it isn't just James that Cadence risks hurting. I really just wanted to hug James throughout the whole story and I cried with him. It is clear as day how much James loves Cadence. He refused to give her up. I want a James of my own!

Austin is okay. I just didn't like him for coming between Cadence and James. Halfway through I was completely up for pushing James off a bridge. It's not that there's anything wrong with him, he's a perfectly nice guy. It's a shame really because he really does love Cadence... but he's not James!

I almost died reading the last few chapters. It was just so perfect, yet at the same time, I still wanted to strangle Cadence. (Apparently this book makes me violent haha!) Surprisingly, all plot lines tied up really nicely and it was a happy-ish ending. The plot was also quite fast paced and covered many years without a fault. There were so many twists too which only added to the emotions felt. Cadence would make up her mind, then BAM!, something would happen that would make her question everything all over again.

All in all, I loved Diverging Cadence. The characters and the heartbreaking plot were just excellent and so easy to attach to. I highly recommend this book to everyone and I look forward to reading more by Katie Hamstead. She is well on her way to becoming one of my favourites.

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  1. Wow! Thank you so much for the review!! I'm so glad you enjoyed Cadence's story. Especially James ha-ha!

    1. That's no problem. I am completely in love with your story!


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