10 January 2016

The Sunday Post (10 January)

Sunday Post
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It was back to work this week after nearly two weeks off for Christmas and New Year. It was so hard getting up on Tuesday morning when my alarm went off. I got a bit too used to getting up whenever I felt like it, i.e. staying in bed until at least 10. But I'm slowing getting back into my usual routine and have even managed to find the time to schedule a few posts. Go me!

It has also been a very crappy week weather-wise. It has been bucketing down all week. As Mel Gibson put it in Braveheart:
"Oh, it's fine Scottish weather, madam. The rain is falling straight down. Well, slightly to the side like."
There has been up to 3 feet of flooding in areas. Roads are closed and some are collapsing. 400-year-old castles are on the brink of collapse. See picture below, there used to be a garden where that river now is.

And because of this rubbish weather, work has been absolutely freezing. We've all been sitting with our cosy blankets and jumpers on.

On Friday, we celebrated both my granny's birthday and my cousin's girlfriends 21st so it was a busy night visiting both of them. And then on Saturday, I had a pyjama party complete with wine and pizza with a couple of friends and we had a great time catching up (and playing Frustration!). 

Next week on the blog, I've scheduled my very first Discussion post. I'm not too sure how good it will be, but I've given it a go and I suppose I can only get better.

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This Week on the Blog:

Monday - Book Review: The Secret Garden, Frances Hodgson Burnett
Tuesday - Top Ten Tuesday: My top ten 2015 releases I meant to read, but didn't
Friday - Discussion: How many books can you read a year?

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What I Read Last Week:

The Secret Garden

Currently Reading:

Riders of the Purple Sage

What I Plan to Read Next Week:

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  1. Wow, that's a disaster! Roads going out, and the castles... I hope it gets better. I heard Scotland was getting hit with rain but didn't realize it was that bad.

    How are you liking Riders of the Purple Sage? Seeing that reminded me of my grandparents' old western collection, and I saw that book at a book kiosk recently and thought about getting it.

    Good luck with your discussion post!

    1. It didn't rain as much over the weekend, but it's just started again now. It's neverending!

      Riders of the Purple Sage is an okay read. It's short too so it shouldn't take me too much longer.


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