01 September 2015

Monthly summary - August 2015

August has been another busy month! Everything seems to come at once. Firstly, it was my birthday (I turned 23!! when the bloody hell did that happen) and, for once, people actually listened to me when I said I like books. I got 13 books so far via birthday gifts, Waterstones vouchers and birthday money. I say so far as I still have some money left and I'm buying slowly i.e. one book at a time so that there's less chance of my parents noticing the large increase in books appearing.

I also had a few nights out with my cousins and cousins-who-aren't-technically-cousins and it was awesome having a catch-up as we don't really see each other apart from at family gatherings so it was nice being able to "let go" without all the "adults" around (because I don't care how old I turned on my birthday I'm still not an adult).

And then for the best news of the month... *drum roll*... I GOT A JOB! I'm so excited! Such a weird feeling being able to hand in my notice to the supermarket I have worked at for the past SIX YEARS! But yeah! I'm now going to be a Directorate Assistant in Quality Assurance at my old University. I'm going to be working 9-5 Monday to Friday so three guesses what song has been in my head all week since I accepted the job...

So yeah! August has been a great month outside the blog! Now onto the blog...

August has been another poor month for reading, I only read 5 books but with everything going on this month I'm happy with this number. This has taken my total to 40 books so far this year.
My TBR is sitting at 257 books.

Books I have read this month:

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