12 January 2017

ARC Review: The Two-Night One-Night Stand, Ryan Ringbloom

The Two-Night One-Night Stand

Title: The Two-Night One-Night Stand
Author: Ryan Ringbloom
Published: 29/09/2016, Ryan Ringbloom
Pages: 152
Source: Netgalley
Format: Ebook

Rating: 5/5

"A girl. A guy. And a talking peen. 

Holly Martin isn't the type to have a one-night stand. But a crushing break up, a sexy blind date, and a few shots of Fireball is about to change all that. 

Matthew Daniels is an introverted PA who claims he’s too busy to date. But that doesn’t stop his older brothers from encouraging him to let loose and get out there, because as they put it - the right girl won’t just walk up to you. 

But what if she does? 

Is it possible for a one-night stand that happens twice, to actually become more? Could two nights of reckless debauchery actually lead to true love? Or is this just another case of a whisky induced disaster? 

This Romantic Comedy is sure to have you laughing, cringing, rolling your eyes, shouting at the pages and looking for a shot glass of your own. 

**This book contains mature content (and immature content). It is intended for adult readers."

The Two-Night One-Night Stand has most definitely confirmed that I need to read more New Adult. Nine times out of ten I love them and this hilarious masterpiece is no different.

The Two-Night One-Night Stand is the story of a guy and girl in their mid-twenties who accidentally have a one-night stand, not once, but twice. This is romantic comedy at it's finest and it was just hilarious from start to finish. I was in absolute hysterics. It's a very fun and quick read, and definitely for mature readers only.

Both the main characters, Holly and Matthew, were just fantastic and I loved them. Holly is just plain hilarious. I could not get enough of her. I felt I could relate to her too as I also lack any form of a brain-to-mouth filter when I've had a drink. And, also like Holly, I'm pretty sure I'm in the process of being set up with a guy and, like Holly, I'm fairly reluctant. I just found Holly so fun and sassy and I want to be her friend in real life!

Matthew is just so... cute and sexy and adorable and hot. I love, love, love him and his nerdiness. He is just so adorably awkward too. Best of all, he isn't an asshole like so many men in New Adult fiction. And his "talking peen" had me in complete stitches. I so want someone like Matthew in my life. He is definitely a new book boyfriend for me.

The Two-Night One-Night Stand is told from the alternating perspectives of Holly and Matthew and each of their inner monologues are hysterical. I did feel that their story is slightly predictable, but I didn't care! Their story was just so hilarious that it kept my attention easily and I wish it was longer. Plus, there are a few twists along the way that did leave me questioning how it would all end. But, the ending is just perfection.

I would definitely recommend The Two-Night One-Night Stand to fans of hilariously funny new adult fiction. If you are a fan of Alice Clayton's Wallbanger, I can definitely see you enjoying this. I cannot wait to read more by Ryan Ringbloom also.

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  1. Thank you so much for reading and reviewing! This will have me smiling all weekend! Love, Ryan


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